You are visiting the home pages of Bob and Mary Ellen Wexler. The pages within are our individual attempts at finding our ancestors.

Bob has worked with his Wexler, Greenberg, Notarius and, Simon ancestors for 19 years or so. Mary Ellen has worked on her Edge, Cutts, Harvey, and Gearhearts for more than 40 years. Each has spent countless hours interviewing relatives, pouring through libraries and museums, and documenting events from filmed or photocopied items at Family History Centers and internet sources.

As you wander through our pages, please bear in mind that we are still working on these genealogies and that where you find no documentation, you should take those items to be unproven. Please do not copy this material outright and post it elsewhere. It is not meant to be used that way. Rather, please use this information as a roadmap. Let it give you some ideas as to where to look next in your search for your relatives. E-mail us for more info -- we will gladly share.


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